Friday, September 2, 2011

We're in the US!

Well, the border patrol let us in without hauling all the stuff out of the truck. At first we thought we picked the wrong lane, the gal was giving everyone in front of us a hard time it seemed. When she got to us, it was like, "don't you guys have jobs" and when she found out we were cycling in Australia it got much better for us. Turns out she's been there 6 times cause her son lives in Townsville, just south of where we are headed. She gave us advice to wake up in the morning to see the red kangaroos and be careful of crocs and road trains.

In Okanagon, Washington, we thought about hopping into the shipping container to save the cost of airfare... So, instead of going nowhere fast, I got myself a great americano at the Salmon Creek Coffee Company from Melanie who stayed open a little late for me, and we drove to Winthrop/Twisp area to see beautiful sights and a friend from university days.
We passed several more cyclists touring in this area, feeling a little guilty driving the truck loaded with all our stuff.

Twisp, Washington

We made it just in time to help evacuate my mom out of the hospital after a scheduled procedure! Scoring points helping mom! We even loaded her in the truck and Mark stuffed himself in the back of the truck. I insisted it was because he wanted to practice how to smuggle ourselves into Tibet come next spring...


  1. Too bad you didn't get a picture of it, Ciel! It would have been amusing for people to see me stuffed up against the ceiling of the truck, on top of all the backpacks and totes full of gear...


    (I also wanted to comment to see if they actually work - no one else has commented yet, so either comments are broken, or we're really boring!)