Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day is Everyday!

Beautiful Earth we live on.  Some photos from our recent trip south.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Summer in April!

Spring Cleaning

Up, up and away...
Barely any snow left - just in the darkest spaces

No jackets required!  I guess this is a good thing...
But the other good thing is I could drive down to Washington Pass and go skiing... ha ha

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The best April Fools Jokes

April 1 and us social media pros have a newer cultural tradition - posting April Fools jokes on the web.  The only joke on me was riding up into 2-3 inches of new snow and no skis.
I've heard of people using cruise ships as assisted living substitutes.

I wish wasn't a joke, but when I opened up my email and saw it in my inbox I had a moment of excitement.  This was the worse joke of them all, how I wish our governments would take leadership from the people.
Having been to Lake Louise, I can imagine that in the future with kids growing up with way too much screen time, this actually might need to be an educational display from Parks Canada explaining the color is really real!

With all the self-promotion that people need in our connected world, I really doubt they would have a difficult time selling these skis if they really wanted to market them.  In fact on the FB page I pulled it off on had many people saying they would!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We love anything Dachshund

I was in the McBride library the other day and I found a new wiener dog kid's book.  If you didn't know already, libraries are one of my favorite places in the entire world.  The French Fry King was pretty okay (it's probably better in French), but what was best is that it got me thinking that Eddie and Dakota could write an awesome story too.

Eddie and Dakota have the best Dachshund life and we're the luckiest Dachshund owners in the world.

The book I remember from when I was a kid was "Pretzel".  It is a favorite of mine.

Lately, I've seen a few really cute videos people have posted about their dachshunds and thought this one was the best, although maybe a bit long.

This is a pretty good one- hockey wiener dog!

Post by Sea FM Hobart.

There is also this movie that I have never even heard of... but now must find.

But of course Eddie has his own movie and is the best dachshund in the world (except for Dakota).


Dakota enjoying the summer lawn rolling
And if you happen to be in the Portland Oregon area, there is always Roakes.  
Haven't eaten there, but I got the picture!