Thursday, November 20, 2014

Remembrance Day 2014

This year Remembrance Day was clear and cold.  We decided to ride up and meet a group at the Phoenix Cenotaph at 11am.  The Phoenix Cenotaph is the only reminder of Phoenix City.  It was paid for by the sale of the wooden skating and curling rink by the Phoenix Rink Company who met with their shareholders and decided that the proceeds from the sale would be put towards a war memorial that would outlast the town.  It was neat to be with the people who came up that day from Greenwood, Grand Forks, Midway and elsewhere to honor the veterans and the peace they provided to us. There were 12-13 of us to honor the names of the 15 men who were killed from Phoenix in WW I

If you are interested in more information about British Columbia's involvement in WW I there is a new book published:  From the West Coast to the Western Front - British Columbians and the Great War by Mark Forsythe and Greg Dickson.  Harbour Publishing, 2014