Monday, November 12, 2012

Why walk when we can eat cake?

Chomrong where we are right now didn't have any lodges 25 years ago and now the tourists are the primary income. 1/4 of Nepal's 29 million people live on $1.25 a day.  Here on the Annapurna tracks the average annual income per capita is $2500.00 per year.  25 years ago a tourist could travel on 3 rupees/day.  Now we spend about 1500 rupees/day. No camping in caves where there used to be a hotel, there are hotels easy distance apart...  today we will eventually walk but we are in no hurry visiting with a couple from Slovakia.  Now Slovakia is on our list to cycle and climb and we will host them when they travel to N. America.  One of my favorite couples we've met.  They travel and travel and work when they must.  So actually we'll have to visit where ever they are which is probably not Slovokia!

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