Friday, November 16, 2012

Ghandruk Holiday

It's such a beautiful day after days of late morning and cloudy days we chose to spend the day here watching the mtns and hanging out wirh the locals. 

Like anywhere we start wirh a little Nepali and they speak to us like we can understand.  Then we say "asi" (a little) and we all laugh.  Mark has much better pronounciation than me.  My name sounds like the Nepali word for Jackal which like elsewhere is a good comversation starter. 
We celebrated Tihar and Mark got tikka-ed as all brothers do on that day by their sister. 

We listened to a lot of singing and saw dancing to celebrate Tihar. Like a combination of trick'n treat (the performers collect food and mostly money donations for charity projects) xmas (families come together), and New Year (some drink too much) celebration.

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