Saturday, March 31, 2012

Forecaster and Poet

This is what I mean...  a gem.  This time from the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center..
Weather Synopsis for Friday and Saturday

The last week of March, the first full week of spring—
How much more rain, wind and snow can it all bring?
Winter effects are not over, despite what calendars say—
So don’t have a mantra of ride, hope and pray.
Dense wind slabs abound on slopes Northwest  thru East—
And cornices loom large like huge snowy beasts.
A stalled storm to the south is pouring rain and snow forth—
With slightly less precip in the central and north—
But the storm lifts north Saturday, & this should add to the load—
Making safe back country travel a very difficult road.
So before you go out, wherever you go—
Take some time to assess the state of the snow.
For slides don’t know whether you’re expert or not—
And don’t really give it a whole lot of thought. 

Overall, a rather messy and rapidly changing weather situation is expected over the next several days in the region, with some widely fluctuating freezing levels in the south and central, intermittently strong winds and periods of moderate to heavy precipitation ...especially in the south and central.

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