Friday, March 30, 2012

Ski area humour

Main Lot     Boat parking now closed due to a switch from rain to snow.
Every day I look at all the different snow and avalanche reports from all over western Canada and the PNW, because I love scrutinizing the snow and avalanche conditions reports.  Sometimes I find gems such as the one above...  this is one of the honest reports from the Mt Hood area.
All we needed was just a couple degrees cooler and that was supposed to happen later this morning.  It appeared to be warmer in the south than the north... so we were hopeful the pass was half-way decent, because I was  too lazy this morning to drive a much further distance to a higher elevation.

What we found was snow that was a little intense and offered us adventure.  Serious blue snow and deep taffy powder that solidified after the skis touched.  If a skier can can ski these kind of snow conditions, the skier can pretty much ski anywhere.  Avalanche control was booming first thing in the morning and I suspect bringing everything down.  
So after a little investigation, we decided to go home to avoid breaking a leg or throwing an ACL. We proved to ourselves that we could ski it and weren't desperate enough to risk injury.  Now I get to watch the final season of Nip and Tuck.  And that's not a ski movie...  
We should have brought out water skis
Snow can be creepy at times

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