Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't give your dog Aleve

You've been hearing about all the good adventures, now it's time to give a warning about an adventure you don't want.  A trip to the animal hospital.  My dog's back was hurting, so I wanted to give him something for pain relief. What a naive mistake to not consult a vet. I made the shameful mistake of giving my dog Aleve which turns out to be highly toxic to dogs (and cats).
So I ended up taking him to the hospital because he was sick from it. The vet said she wished they would put it on warning labels on it because it apparently happens all the time.  Every layperson I've talked to so far, had no idea about it so I'm putting the word out.

I wish I had done something different.  It would have been so much better to get appropriate pain medication to make him more comfortable and not do it the way I did. I have no idea why I a smart person like me didn't look it up on the internet, total self-will on my part, me thinking I know without knowing squat...  Someone told me we just treat our dogs like family - the human he is - not that it's an excuse but I liked that rationalization.  I love my dog and did not purposely mean to hurt him.  But trying to save some money on a vet visit multiplied into a small fortune with the poor dog having to take the brunt of it.  He shouldn't have to pay for my mistake.

I'm going to quit beating myself up.  When I visited him today, he didn't have any hard feelings, he just didn't understand why he couldn't come home with us.

Live and learn.  I just hope people who read this learn from my mistake. Don't give your dog Aleve.

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