Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tumoulin to Lake Eacham

We got out of the forest without being eaten by carnivorous ants, and headed up the road. there were a few climbs before we got to this unexpected sign: "Highest Declared road in Queensland, Elevation 1143m". Not quite Highwood pass, but we're quite happy with that!

Then we stopped at Mount Hypipamee Crater National Park to have lunch and look at the volcanic blow-hole in the earth. apparently people lose their dogs down the hole rather frequently, and it's impossible to get them out again - it's just 70m of sheer rock all around the water, and the dogs probably drown before anyone can pull them out.

We wanted to see a cassowary here, but no luck - just scrub turkeys (which are all over the place).

Farther up the road, we stopped at Blomfield Swamp, where a lot of Sarus cranes and other birds hang out. We also met the same cycle touring group from Ravenshoe, who had a pit stop there.

After that, we got to Malanda, where we had lunch at the pub in the historic hotel, along with the obligatory Bundaberg ginger beer!

Just up the road from Malanda, we got to Peeramon, where my aunt Gill and uncle Ivor used to live. I didn't know where their place was, but we got a picture of me in front of the hotel...

Finally we got to Lake Eacham, a volcanic crater lake in a national park. We had a bit of a swim in the nice clear water, but Ciel found it a bit cold by this time. She must be used to the Australian heat!

At the caravan park at Lake Eacham, Ciel read up on Australian bushwalking.


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