Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Innot hot Spring to Tumoulin

It took us a long time to leave the caravan park at the hot springs, as lots of people came up to talk to us, curious about our bikes and trailers and where we were going.

We made a wrong turn on the way to Millstream falls where we met a guy named Vince who invited us in for coffee and biscuits, after seeing our bikes out on the road. Lots of friendly people in Australia!

We did make it to the falls after that.

A short distance from the falls, we got to Ravenshoe (which locals seem to pronounce raven-show, and not raven-shoe like I would have guessed). We got a few more groceries and headed north out of town.

Leaving town, we met a group of cyclists on a supported tour. they turned left to Kaban while we went up to the Tumoulin state forest to spend the night. Ciel wanted to camp down by the river, but the tangle of growth down there meant it was much easier to camp higher up in the grass. There were weird ants with red heads, black bodies bent up over their heads, and long spidery legs running all over the place. Being Australia, I assumed these would be some killer poisonous ants, but Ciel was unconcerned. Just before we crawled into bed, a pole on the tent broke and we had to use the pole repair sleeve to keep the thing up.


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