Saturday, May 31, 2014

Around Mt. Ida, and back again

Today we are in Salmon Arm visiting my parents, but we have to take advantage of the good weather to get in a training ride in preparation for the Lake Chelan Century challenge. We rode around Mt. Ida counterclockwise, refilled water bottles, then rode around again, but clockwise this time.
Lots of farms around the mountain
We had one tire problem, but managed to get it fixed

The road rolls up and down a lot - lots of practice changing gears

In the end, we rode 150km in 5:57 - not bad at all, with 3 weeks to go. Ciel even managed to get up the "Devil's Elbow" - a steep hill at the east end of 10th avenue that gets up to about 15% grade. That was after riding 80km!


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