Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pics from our sofa

Last year around this time, we were in Nepal.  Today I sorted out all the cherry tomatoes Mark picked before it frosted last Tuesday night. Although I enjoyed travelling I also really like having a "home". 
Mani wall 
 One aspect I really enjoyed about being there was how spirituality is interwoven throughout life.  Not compartmentalized at all from what I could tell.  This is one of the longest mani wall in the world.  I looked to see if I could spot it on the satellite photos, but I didn't see it.
Beautiful carved stones with prayers
Moving rocks against gravity
Tsarang region
Not many tomatoes were in this region of Nepal.  Lots of barley and grains.  Very dry climate.  It was really beautiful.
Needless to say, we were grateful to be able to see the countyside and see how the locals lived.
Plus it was super fun!  Added bonus is it's fun to look at the pics still.

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