Sunday, May 12, 2013

Livelihood in the Boundary

I'm having an adventure in finding employment in the Boundary.  I put my name in the hat for working at the museum in Midway and got shortlisted.  
I even wore a dress to the interview, but there was another candidate better suited for the position as I got called last night to say I wasn't selected.

There is some other plan in the works for me.

I'm applying for jobs in my professional field of social work, most of these are in large population centres .  I've applied for a bike patrol position to utilize my OFA III.  There the issue is that I've never gone to one of the bike parks to solely ride "downhill".  I like going downhill better than uphill I joke and I would really like to work outside in that type of athletic pursuit while being an emergency responder.  And I wouldn't wear a dress.

I have been working volunteer though. We've been helping out at the Greenwood Museum and I'm replacing the signs on the Phoenix Interpretive Drive.  We went up to M&P's house after the immigration interview and got to work in the garden.  I had fun rotortilling the garden and Mark helped to sharpen the blades of the lawn mower.

It's been a beautiful spring.  It's been record breaking temperatures in the region and around 30C everyday.  Today is the first day of rain for a long time.  Yesterday we rode up the railroad grade to Eholt, via Jewell Lake and we watched the clouds roll in. Saw three lenticulars!  The clouds rolling in was nice though cause by the time we really had to start working climbing up the hill  the sun was in the shade.  And the entire trip we weren't hassled by any vehicle traffic.  That's one reason we really would like to stay in this area.  We only saw 4 people on off road motorcycles and one truck.

 Dropping back into the valley of Boundary Creek

Greenwood is at a little higher elevation so the trees are finally leafing out in all their glory.

Where it is dry and the Balsam Root are in bloom is an entirely different story. 

Summer has arrived.

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