Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back Down

Photo courtesy Matthew G. Wheeler

Last night was a lot snowier and colder than the previous night, but I was quite comfy with the down sleeping bag, jacket, and pants I got in Nepal. I don't know what the temperature was up at the lookout, but the snow was really squeaky so it must have been at least -20C, but with the wind it felt like at least -30C. I ran out of fuel for the stove last night, so I had cold hot chocolate and oatmeal for breakfast, then headed down. I used the neoprene face mask I pack for such occasions to prevent frostbite on my nose and cheeks, but after I got down to the road I had to take it off again.

With about 15-20cm ski penetration in the new snow, I didn't go very fast. In fact, I had to unlock the heels and walk for all but the steeper bits.  Lots of fresh critter tracks including a bunny highway (a wide path made by many little feet running up and down the hillside). From 2.5km down, the place was totally covered in moose tracks, but sadly I didn't see any moose.

After a shower and some lunch, I am visiting friends in the McBride area.


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