Friday, November 23, 2012

Why there are no turkeys?

We lucked out and get to stay at Benchen Vihar, a monastery guest house.  It's usually peaceful but there is a 10 day lama dance going on so it's chants, trumpets, horns,  drums and cymbals making coordinated song to the powers.  Today is the 10th day I was told.
I am already experiencing the urbanfactor of KTM and feeling ill with the nausea so it's good to have a retreat.  Driving in from the countryside is a big adjustment, but then it's really not a whole lot different than seeing  the skyline of Seattle, I'm just not used to it. 

The big difference is the poverty and filth and it seems like a lot of the locals don't think this can change.  When a person is struggling day to day to support themselves it is difficult to do much else for the community.  Especially when people are from all sorts of places and backgrounds. I think this might be a problem back home in the USA too- we really should watch out for each other and take better care of our home- Planet Earth, for all humans. My task here is to not compare Nepal where I grew up and practice acceptance, patience and a sense of humour.  I really have no idea sometimes what is going on here!

I still haven't found out why there are no Turkeys in Nepal.  It's my latest bewonderment of this country.  Happy Thanksgiving, there is so much to be grateful for...

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