Saturday, November 24, 2012

KTM and Patan Friends

We made it to Thanksgiving Brunch and sure enough, no turkey and no dal bhat.  Waffles with maple syrup, sweet potato pie and other goodies, although I didn't sample much except for tastes of fruit and drinking sprite.   I must of ate a rotten egg on the bus trip back to KTM the day before (I think), so I had a nasty first night, but today I feel much better.  Just grateful I was sick instead of Mark because I think it's easier than taking care of him!

Although I wasn't feeling all that great later in the day, we made an effort to get out and meet some friends we met along the trail (at Landruk) at their old stomping grounds at Patan Square.  They all went to the University that is located nearby here, so I guess their story was that they hung out before and after classes always.  It was cool to be there after all the other tourists cleared out and feel the different energy instead of watching tourists poke big cameras at local faces.  

Three of the group are engineers so Mark speaks the same language and the other is a very intelligent woman who I think said she has a degree in economics.  She hates nepali bathrooms too!  I hope we get to see them again because it's an inside view of young people's perspective of their home country.  They make fun of each other's cultures and each other and we had a lot of fun.  I even got to dress my hair up and I immediately felt better!.  

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