Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If lost, we know our place is in the Milky Way

How I represent myself is interesting to me and after thinking about it for a while, I came up with something that I think is good. Below on the card I made there are several descriptions that resonated with me.  I wanted to give a starting place for introduction.

You see, Mark and I are preparing to go overseas travelling to Nepal for the next couple months, and I wanted to put together something that I'm thinking of bringing along to share with people I meet.  Then I don't need to be fumbling with pen and finding paper when I meet new friends. Connections with people create relationships and relationships help me value others and want to learn about things I lack knowledge and understanding in.  Connections make the ability to create collective action for change in each other's world. Maybe I can be of help to someone, or the other way around. Or we'll be able to come together to help someone else out that we don't even know yet.

Surprise, surprise, I'm still figuring what to do in my life and working it out as it comes. 

I know one thing, I always want to do more and I'm really much more happy when I can let go and let things unfold by relaxing and taking it easy.  Mark and I are travelling this time to higher altitudes to test ourselves and hopefully our necks won't get too stiff looking at all those 8,000 meter peaks. I know we aren't going to be climbing any of those peaks, I've come to accept that.  But I am happy to read about those that do. (I still want to climb a "trekkers peak" tho)  For instance I just finished an excellent book about polish climbers titled Freedom Climbers.  We'll have good ski legs tho come January!

I believe that the universe is just a little bit too big to have a plan for me even though I'd like to think it does, but I do need to make my actions and choices be in alignment with it as I live and breathe life..  It probably doesn't matter what I do, as long as I appreciate what I have and give what I can to the people I love and those I don't really like. I really need peace in my life and so does the planet so we can create inertia to solving the global environmental and social problem we face.  It doesn't help to be angry all the time. And it doesn't help to be depressed about it either. Collective action is going to bring all the angry, depressed and creative people together to help solve these problems eventually.  It's just gotta. Like dancing together.

Maybe we all can get outside one of the nights in this upcoming week to look at the Milky Way we live in and feel that we belong to something very big, beyond our schemes and daily dramas.  This is the great equalizer.

The Earth is a very special planet and I am very fortunate to be one of the people to live on it.
I'm really fortunate I get to travel to different parts of it.
I won't get lost again.

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