Sunday, September 9, 2012


burning man 2012
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I still can't get enough of the visual quality of the creative people and art installations now that I'm back to the default world.  So surfing pics on the web I found this great Rolling Stone photo essay.  I saw this gal on the playa walking into the temple on Thursday evening but didn't photograph her because I was eating a really good sno cone.  Sno cones were wonderful on the playa and this year I think I ate a total of three!  I'm glad I found this picture of her because she was truly stunning and very "bird-like".  I think her outfit was my most favorite of all that I saw. 

One of the least talked about parts of Burning Man is the "decompression" when "burners" return to the "default" world.  Post burn, I had one of the best times of the trip going north when we camped at Hart Mtn for several days where we were able to relax and be in solitude and quiet.  We cleaned up the motorhome and ourselves.  We didn't have access yet to the internet and to telephone our folks we had to hike up to the top of Warner Peak to gain cell phone access.

Here is our place of beauty for decompression... it was great.

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