Sunday, March 4, 2012

4 Travel Pics from NZ

The good thing about travelling is that it takes a while to get the pics all organized and I get to re-experience the trip whenever I dive into them.    
Quite the amazing trip Mark and I had, it was a privilege to be able to travel for the time we did, now that we're finding out there are limitations to our budget. 

I only took 5,000+ photos - guess that classifies me as a "snapper"! That's okay, I throw a lot of them out and only keep my favorites. Here are some favorite memories...

Summer roses
Riding on rising tide
Maruia Hot springs

near Arthur's Pass
Ahhhhh, summertime in New Zealand. Guess that's why I feel winter is feeling short still. Got my fingers crossed for la nina to kick in however...  i.e. SNOW REPORTER'S COMMENTS: mostly clear skies to finish off the last hour of an epic day on the slopes! Also, Alpental patrol reporting expert only conditions and limited terrain off the top due to a layer of frozen rain overnight.   
                   Ha ha ha ha ha  he heh - pray for snow!

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