Saturday, March 3, 2012

The only thing that doesn't change is change itself

When I was in high school, I got the opportunity to be on the Juneau Icefield with the NSF Juneau Icefield Research Program.  There, I learned from a glacierologist from Switzerland what the word "in situ" meant.  "Everything changes but change itself..." was his teaching and it has stuck with me ever since.
Taku Towers
Glacier glasses were a necessity
Camp 17, looking on the Gilkey Glacier
Well, yesterday I played taxi and drove my brother to downtown Seattle. Since I was right next door to Harborview Hospital where I was a patient in August of 1992 in the burn unit I decided to go take a look around there.   My feet took me there to the 8th floor and I told the few people that I saw there, "thank you".  

Outside of the hospital there is a view of the Smith Tower, at one time the tallest "skyscraper" west of the Mississippi from 1914 to the early 1970s (left) and what Seattle locals used to call the "Darth Vader" which is the Columbia Tower.  There is a famous stairclimbing fundraiser every year there, which benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  

The staff at the burn center are international leaders in treatment and prevention of burns and are also supported in their efforts by the Northwest Burn Foundation. In the summer of 1993 I volunteered as a summer camp counselor at Camp Waskowitz for the annual summer burn camp, a terrific place where kids can learn to take their t-shirts off and expose the frightening burns on their bodies to their camp friends.

The universe 10 years to the day of being burned, delivered me a social work job in a hospital... and the first patient I saw was a burn survivor who had pulled a radiator cap off of a hot engine.  Some things are just too much of a coincidence for God to remain anonymous!

The glaciers are retreating, the city of Seattle is humungous, I'm continuing to grow and learn and change constantly occurs except for change itself!

The adventure continues...
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  1. you are living the dream!

  2. Has it really been twenty years? Wow.