Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wanna be ski auntie

Today I spent time with a friend whose 4 year old is learning to ski.
I did the best I could to sell her the idea that could be her ski auntie, I carried her skis!
The four year old was having nothing of it, mama was numero uno and she doesn't ski!
Maybe she was just tired and couldn't make decisions correctly!
Beautiful sunset with moonrise over the Snoqualmie Cascades.
Mark and I went skiing and I couldn't keep pouting for long that I wasn't accepted as her ski auntie.  
Maybe the kid thought I was a poser or gaper or too old for her.  
Maybe she thought I was a snowboarder.
There's always next weekend when she comes up for her next ski lesson!  
Next time I'll show up with my ski bunny suit and skis ready...

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