Friday, February 3, 2012

Back on the bike with the man in the moon

We visited the rain drums after riding up the Snoqualmie Rail Trail until we could ride no longer.  You see there was eventually some snow that stopped us.  We could have skied with bright sunshine and a cool easterly wind, but instead I went to work in the garden at the "dogs" house until it became dark.  Spring is coming on quick, the sunlight is out until about 5:30 pm or so.

This is North Bend's Mt Si.  Some of you might know it as the scene of Twin Peaks, although I've never known it as such.  And here is the story of Fox and the Moon that the local First Nation Snoqualmie Tribe has.

"Long ago, Snoqualm (Man in the Moon), had a spider make him a rope out of cedar bark and stretch it from the sky to the Earth. One day Fox and Blue Jay found the rope and climbed up to where the rope was fixed to the underside of the sky. Blue Jay pecked a hole in the sky and they climbed through to the sky world. Blue Jay flew to a tree while Fox changed himself into Beaver and swam in a lake. Snoqualm had set a trap in the lake which caught Beaver. Snoqualm skinned him and threw the body in the corner of the smokehouse. That night when Snoqualm was asleep Beaver got up and put his skin back on. He looked around. He took a few of the trees, and the Snoqualm's daylight making tools, some fire, and the Sun which was hidden in Snoqualm's house. He changed back into Fox then he found the hole that Blue Jay had made and took the things to Earth. He planted the trees, made daylight, gave the fire to the people, and put the Sun in it's place. When Snoqualm awoke he was very angry. He found the tracks that led to the hole. He started down but the rope broke and he fell to the Earth in a heap where he became a mountain. One can see the face of Snoqualm on one of the rocky cliffs. Today the mountain is called Mount Si and it is near the cities of Snoqualmie and Northbend in Washington State."

- Retrieved on February 3, 2012 from

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