Sunday, February 19, 2012

Deadly avalanches - Ski in Peace

It snowed a lot over the past couple days, winter storm warning and all.

Prediction was 1' to 3' of snow and it pretty much held up to true.  Yesterday's skiing was super wet (kindy rain/snow mix) but really fun and today was dry and much more fun to be outside plus a morning ski report of 28" inches.   Way too much snow (heavy too) to create "high" avalanche risk and for the NWAC (Northwest Avalanche Center) to advise to avoid backcountry travel...

View of  Snoqualmie Pass
There was plenty of good skiing in the ski area although it's not always as adventuresome as I might like.
Fun turns tho!

I really appreciate this quote that came out of the Canadian Avalanche Center forecasters just a week or so ago

"Don’t allow your desire to ride the new snow (your fun-meter) over-rule your common sense (your smart-meter). For most of us, as the fun-meter goes up, the smart-meter goes down and we make much poorer risk management decisions in good conditions than in bad. This is the kind of weekend where a fun-meter/smart-meter disconnect is most likely to happen."

It's  so sad that these skiers and riders got caught, the story is told by one of the people involved - see link.  They were killed doing what they loved, but I sure wish they had waited another day for those turns.  I wonder if group dynamics pushed them closer to the edge needing to get that perfect "photo".  It must be really hard for their families and friends. The one that occurred on Denny Mtn near Alpental is talked about here.  I hope comfort comes soon...
A benefit of skiing in the Pacific  NW is that I can garden with tired legs

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  1. I heard about that going down - sad deal. Only good thing about Oneonta.