Friday, January 6, 2012

Across the country in a day

First it's important for me to show off my $5 gumboots that I bought at the op shop in Wanaka. Happy that I haven't spent all our money on extravagant things up until now.

We've been blessed with sunny skies and starry nights for so long, the moon is now our friend, for lighting the path now at night. We went into a cavern up on the northern west coast and I discovered it's not as scary to go caving at night compared to the day time.Third, it's so great to see signs on the roads warning us to watch out for penguins. I'm hoping the penguin conservation movement must be doing at least a little better with the movies that have come out such as "Happy Feet" or "March of the Penguins". There was a lot of literature about how to help the penguins out. Apparently they find roosts underneath people's beach baches. As an owner you aren't supposed to chase them out. Just like if a New Zealand Falcon attacks you because you are too close to their nest or young, you're not supposed to hit it with a stick (they are endangered).

This morning the fishery patrol was out at Gore Bay. Lots of people looking for Paua I guess and some harvesting being done smaller than 125cm. So he made them throw them back into the ocean. Commercial harvesters were out there too really working hard, but they have different limits than the public. These guys have a tough job walking the beach on a sunny warm day like today.Here is evidence I have mobility in my left arm now that the first 4-5 week time frame has passed. And with the help of all the lovely physiotherapists I've met (met the fourth one yesterday who happened to be Martin's wife) I have exercises and things to do to bring the range of motion, flexibility, and strength back. At least until the point it hurts. We met a fellow in the bike store where we found a bike box for bringing our bikes home that had broken his clavicle THREE times. Guess he was quite the road racer in his day. He's always wanted to make a t-shirt with a broken clavicle image with the words "Broken Clavicle Club". I told him if he did, that I would support him by buying one.

And lastly, what's the deal with "Australian owned" Canadian Maple Syrup? Do Canadians know this is happening to their country? "Doesn't make anymore sense than Canadian owned Kangaroos," Mark says.We drove across the country yesterday from the west to east, I suppose cause we are mentally getting ready to head back to North America. Laying on the beach or hiking up a hill didn't really appeal to either of us when we've got errands to do and packing up in the back of our minds. We've been able to see so much more of the South Island while driving with four wheels, our minds need to catch up with where our bodies have been. We are in Christchurch now and hope to see some of the sights tomorrow as well. Downtown has big vacant lots now and a shopping mall built out of shipping containers. They get to reinvent their architecture now and try to shore up better what is left standing, as the quakes keep coming it seems.

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