Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kea camping

We drove up to Arthur's pass last night and found one of the DOC campgrounds. When we got there, there were a couple of guys camping in their van, and one of them came up and asked us if we had jumper cables to boost his van. We pulled the car up beside his van, got the booster cables out of the trunk, hooked things up, and tried to start the van - nothing. I was suspicious of the cables because there were no sparks when I hooked them up, so I had a good look at the connections. One of them had come loose, so I used my leatherman tool to connect it back up. We tried again, this time successfully. James and his Czech friend were quite grateful, and insisted on giving us a Grateful Dead CD for our troubles.
After we got the tent set up, he warned us not to leave anything out, or the Keas would turn our camp into "white trash" camping. We saw a couple of these mountain parrots fly over,  but this morning we woke up undisturbed by marauding Keas. We were careful not to leave anything out for them of course!

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  1. I guess marauding keas are a change from marauding bears!