Friday, December 2, 2011


We got most of the way up Lake Sumner road when Ciel hit some loose gravel and wiped out. She was pretty out of it when I got to her a minute or so later, so I got her stable with a pad under her and jacket and sleeping bag on top. She kept repeating questions for 20 or 30 minutes, so I was pretty worried. No cars came by for a long time and I didn't have a signal on my phone - not good. Eventually a truck came along and Lester loaded our stuff up and took us out to Waikari where we called an ambulance. Three different doctors and two ambulances showed up - now we're in the hospital in Christchurch. Ciel has a broken collarbone and a concussion.
- mark.


  1. Oh shit! Get well soon!!! What will happen now? Do you stay at the hospital for the next time? Andre

  2. Thanks Andre, she's recovering now. We're staying with friends near Christchurch. We won't be able to ride our bikes around any more, but we hope to see more of New Zealand before we fly home.