Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some observations on riding in NZ

After many years of looking over my left shoulder for approaching vehicles, I find it's harder to look over my right shoulder - my neck just seems less flexible that way!
The quality of Kiwi drivers varies enormously - some are really great, like the truck driver who blocked traffic for Ciel while she rode up a long, narrow bridge on a big hill north of Auckland, but some are awful. They don't see any problem blasting by us at 140km/h, only inches away (no shoulders on a lot of the roads here)...I wonder how they'd feel if I had a gun and fired off a few shots that went whizzing by, inches from their heads? Would they think "oh, he didn't hit me, so no worries", or would they think "that crazy bastard almost killed me!" The latter is what I think of them....


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