Thursday, September 8, 2011

Granite Mtn. lookout hike

On Monday we drove a few minutes up I-90 and parked at the base of Granite Mountain (just outside the fee area, as there weren't any envelopes left to pay the fees with anyway!) and hiked up the trail through the big trees. Ciel forgot her water bottle, so we had to share the water in my hydration pack - it was just barely enough in the heat here. She's always saying how hot it is here, although it's not as hot as Grand Forks was - I guess she just doesn't expect it to be this warm in the Seattle area! Pretty good views from the top - Mt Rainier was the most obvious, but yesterday we hiked up Burroughs Mountain, just north of Rainier, for a much better view!

Photos are at Ciel's picasa pages...


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