Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big-ass plane

Here's the Airbus A380 we flew in from LA to Sydney - too bad it was almost full, or we could have put our bikes together and ridden laps during the flight. The thing's like a freakin' office building that flies. We didn't get to see the second floor or the basement (the level below ours where the crew sleeps), but our level was plenty big enough. One nice feature was the screen in front of the seat showing on-demand movies, tv, music, flight tracking info, even the view from a camera mounted high on the tail. They really should put a better camera up there though - a $30 webcam would have given a better picture.
After a bit of a fuster-cluck (they need more than one or two exits for the thousands of people heading though there) going through customs and "quarantine" (where they check for food and soil from foreign places - no problem for our boots or bikes after I spent two days cleaning all our gear), we checked our bikes and trailer bags back in for the filght to Cairns. I'll leave the next post for Ciel, as she has all the pictures!

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