Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Moving up in the world

Mark and I have for several years now looked at this beautiful mountain from afar, and said to ourselves, "we should go there sometime..."

We said it in the winter.

We said it in the fall.

We don't have to say it anymore, because we went up to the top at 7,258 feet last weekend.  It's a beautiful operational lookout, an easy day trip from where we live as long as we use the car.  Passport required because it's in the USA.  It's called Bonaparte Mountain and it's the tallest thing around for a long ways  The lookout at the top didn't have a map of Canada so we have to go back soon and bring him one.  He probably sees as much in Canada as he does in the US.

It had a beautiful solar array that we envyed.  Lots of raptors and birds, didn't see any critters except for a really good looking deer and some mice.  Good for our souls to check out our neighborhood. Several humans were spotted who were hiking the Pacific NW National Scenic Trail which goes from the Continental Divide in Montana to the Pacific Ocean in Washington.  Much less congested trail compared to the Pacific Crest Trail, but I'm sure the lookout will get a lot more visitors as this long distance trail gets more known.

We got to see it one last time coming up Hwy 3 from Osoyoos with the setting sun.  

I'm sure it continues to be a special place for the Native people who have lived in this area for over 10,000 years - it almost cold up there with the wind on a hot summer day.  That's where I wanted to be and want to go back to...