Thursday, January 29, 2015

My day off - post hole for cardio!

Love this view of the trees.  There are a few older ones still standing.
Whoever built this chair really did a nice job. 

Lots of lady bugs in the rocks here.  Lots of animal tracks and natural things.

A view of Phoenix Mtn from across the valley
Me and my Mark - he got me into the Vitamin D today and out of my pj's

Why I wanted to post hole I don't know.  But it was fun.
I love my boots and feeling strong.  Next time skis. There is plenty of snow.

My favorite view of Jewel Lake from up high.  It would be so much fun to ski this line down.

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  1. Beautiful! The only things more beautiful than your spirit of adventure and living life to the fullest is the collections of photos you share with the world. I love your blog and hi to both you and Mark. xo