Sunday, June 9, 2013

Structural Photography

I made these photographs within the past year and kept them in my photographic record because they interested me - how they looked and what they stand for.  How long does the Buddhist Gate wait to be painted?  The empty government building stands empty for an investor to turn it into upbeat offices or condos for youthful wannabe Portlanders.  Do cows wait outside during the winter storms to get into the barn? The smelter tower at Greenwood stands tall and scenic while the Teck Industrial structures continue to smelter on. The backside of Greenwood the traveller hurrying through on Hwy 3 never see...
Nepal Buddhist spirit
Oregon Deco
Joe Rich Barn
Teck Industrial
Creston Storage
Greenwood with "hell bell"
Armstrong Red Barn
Greenwood Grandeur

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