Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flooding and heat waves - the climate HAS changed

I'm fascinated with the catastrophic weather events that occur and people still don't acknowledge climate change.  I read about how climate change is going to cause massive dislocations of people, to people in coastal area,  including Alaska First Nation people, (another great paper about it here) but now it's happening in Calgary!  That city is evacuating over 100,00 people from some of it's low lying neighborhoods because the Bow and the Elbow Rivers are both flooding.  It's oil sand central- Canada.

Hwy 1, the Trans-Canada is ruined in Canmore

and houses ruined - the fence had good construction though!

Meanwhile Alaska is burning up

The United States and Canada has no reason to not take climate change seriously except that policy makers think that wealth cannot be maintained or grown more if the governments act.  

Has the public have already forgotten about the tornadoes in the US Midwest and the fires in Colorado earlier in the month (isn't there fires in California burning now?).  Are people too busy fighting over insurance claims than to write and lobby their public government officials to act?  Claims are going to be harder to recieve when insurance companies limit their losses due to climate change exclusion clauses. Are people even willing to make the connections because then it will force us to change how we operate day to day in our lives?

I really don't understand how the United States doesn't take it seriously because as the wealthiest county in the world, it's got the most ability, (biggest military, the most money, big intellect).  I wonder if these times are kinda like when people were watching the United States do nothing while watching the Nazi's take over Europe.  Will someone tell me if I'm missing something?

Canada needs to acknowledge there IS climate change (No Kyoto Protocol for Stephen Harper) and put those "economic action plan $" into doing something productive instead of selling dirty oil to oil guzzling countries like the United States and China.

No Keystone, No Northern Gateway, No Kinder Morgan. (Pipelines).  

Because getting evacuated from homes IS NOT the best interest of most homeowners I think.  Not in lesser developed countries or developed countries.  People who support development of the tar sands may believe it's a good thing for economic security, but I bet some of those same people own some of the fancy houses that are now in the rivers.

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  1. In the last one week, we had several flood disasters, in Uttarakhand India, Indonesia, Lourdes France, Alberta Canada. The death toll in India is rising and is expected to go more than 10000. Please Please Please underline that environment and natural catastrophes is no more a local problem it is global problem, aggravated by globalization that needs to be understood from deeper levels deduced to energy and matter ratio and earth's struggle to maintain certain equilibrium.