Monday, May 20, 2013

Our local bike trail

The trans-Canada trail goes right through where we live and it's great to commute to places instead of using the Hwy 3. Thanks to the Columbia and Western Railway (C&W) we have this section of the trans-Canada trail. No need to ride on Hwy 3 at all!  
The trail was busy with two people on it.

A father and son "Zack" from Australia that are headed to the east coast of Canada.  They said they've been travelling for the past 5 years.  Dad only got his horse yesterday though and it's 11 years old and never been ridden until yesterday.  Guess the horse was feeling pretty stiff today.  He was walking the horse today on the trail.  They were probably going to stop short of town because he needed some hay and a ranch to keep the horse more comfortable.  What a lucky horse to have a new owner like him to travel across Canada.

I've met other people on the trail, like a guy walking across Canada.  He is relying on the kindness of people to make his trip happen. Apparently he had quite the breakup and he's decided to walk to the east coast with Pacific Ocean water, dump it into the Atlantic Ocean and then return back to the Pacific with Atlantic Ocean water.  Guess he'll be on the road for about 3 years he said.  The CANNFOREST blog is his.

I met another guy who is riding his bicycle across Canada and his blog is the BIKE TO THE FUTURE LITTLE PRINCE.  I met him about a month ago and he is already in Saskatchewan!  I didn't get a picture of him but on his blog he's standing outside in front of one of the businesses because he got hosted pretty well by the locals.  He got a private tour of the Greenwood Museum before it was even open!

So I'm looking forward to seeing more people coming through touring.  I spoke to one woman who owns a cyclist stop who said that about 10 years ago thousands of people would travel this route.  Now she says she sees about 500 cyclists a year.  

The Balsam Root are still blooming...
The Columbines are almost blooming

And we rode today to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

There is so many railgrades around here.  Today we decided to ride on the old Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern Railway or VV&E grade - for we wanted to see the tunnel that friends had told us they got married in.  The VV&E was a major competitor of the Kettle Valley RR and it went from Princeton to Midway.  The railroad caused the "Battle of Midway" when the VV&E drove tracks across a piece of property belonging to the CPR.  Finally, the BC Supreme Court eventually settled it and nobody was killed.

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