Sunday, May 26, 2013

Greenwood Charm

I admire this 1897 house for it's Lilac's - so much potential!
Built for a Dominion land surveyor for the CPR - now for sale.  Built in 1898.
Current Greenwood city hall where the movie "Snow Falling on Cedars" courtroom scenes took place.  It was built in 1902-03 and served as the provincial government building and courthouse.  The building originally housed the gold commissioner's office, the chief constable and the mining recorder, as well as the functions of the county and supreme courts. There are three jail cells in the basement, one of which was part of the original design.
Greenwood Post Office which also used to serve as the Canadian customs.  We use one of the original brass post office boxes!
These three buildings are important to modern Greenwood. They are the two-story Guess Block, built in 1899 and now home to the Copper Eagle Cappuccino and Bakery.  Next, the red-brick three-story building is the Greenwood Inn and Saloon, originally the Windsor Hotel, also built about 1899.  It houses one of the longest operating pubs in BC, which has a  30 foot long antique bar and mirror.  One door north is home to the Pacific Grill; which operate in the white three-story building built in 1907 as the Pacific Hotel.  During the Second World War, this building served at the #1 Internment Building housing more than 200 Japanese-Canadians.

Source: Greenwood Heritage Walk brochure published by the Greenwood Heritage Society.

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