Saturday, December 22, 2012

Avalanche coverage in the NY Times

The other night I was with a friend who is a non-skier.  I was telling her about my love of powder skiing and the current snow report. Snow was falling in the lowlands where my mom lives outside the Seattle area.  I was struggling because I didn't have my avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe and other safety equipment that is absolutely necessary to carry when skiing in storms and these snow conditions. Everything was in storage.  Jet lag.  Talk about a classy problem re-entering western society. Ski postponement. Wanting to just go!  Where is my ski sponsor?

Anyway she got to asking about an on-line advertisement's for avalanche air bags that pops up on her computer while she web surfs.  I explained to her that last year near Steven's Pass ski area a pro-skier survived a very big avalanche last year wearing one. Today she texts me to share an article in the NY Times about this particular avalanche accident.  And what an article it is!

Using a mix of multi-media, the article comes alive with audio, video, interviews and simulations which educate the reader about the complexity of this tragic event. Within the format of the article there is even a very user friendly way describing avalanche snow science!

This style of article is going to change how on-line newspapers are presented.  Just you see.

We're headed up north to Canada, so there will be plenty more opportunity to get at it.  Where I'm going the avalanche forecasters are advising to "stick to the powder".
Have you been naughty or nice?
mom's dog "Bear"
Santa rippin' it
I think it's going to be okay.  Happy Holidays!

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