Monday, November 19, 2012

Why walk when we can watch volleyball?

Championship games coming up but we do need to walk because we want to go to Australian Camp tonight. 

We watched the semi-final between Dhampus and Tolka, we rooted for Tolka who I think were the underdogs because Dhampus had some really tall guys.  Talk about serious.  Best of 5 games so we pretty much watched the entire afternoon away. 

The entire town seemed to turn out and I only saw one woman comtinuing to cut millet, with her husband eventually joining her in the work.  Volleyball is pretty popular in the hill villages because there isn't a lot of flat land for any other sport. 

Tolka would be an awesome town for an international tournament.  The hospitality of the locals and the backdrop of south annapurna in magnificant.

Time to walk. Tolka lost and now Dhampus is going to play Chomrong.


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