Friday, October 19, 2012

Windy Valley

It sure is - one Nepali phrase I've used a lot in the last week is "Aawaa chha" - it's windy. The morning is nice and calm, but by noon it's blowing pretty hard, and by late afternoon we take shelter in the guesthouse and wonder how the roof doesn't blow off.

Our trip in Upper Mustang to Lo Manthang and back went well. We rode horses up the valley to see the 2500 year old Jhong caves, saw an 8th century Gompa, and met a monk who lives in a cave. Unfortunately the king of Mustang was ill, so we could not "visit in place" - or visit the palace, I think the signs meant. We saw all the monasteries inside the walled city, as well as the museum with its crowded collection of artifacts.

Now we're back with the crowds on the main Annapurna circuit, but maybe it will get better after we leave the road at Tatopani. 2700m seems like such a low altitude now, after lots of 4000m passes, and a couple over 5000m. I don't huff and puff like the big bad wolf after climbing a flight of stairs here!


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