Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We're going to be on TV!

Well, maybe. But only in France. As we were walking down the street after meeting with the manager of the trekking agency, a crew from French TV approached us and asked to interview us about the avalanche on Manaslu.

I explained that trekking was much safer than climbing 8000 metre peaks, and that the accident did not make me change my plans.

Uttam Tamang, the manager of Brilliant Treks and Adventure (who is arranging our trek) was also interviewed, and told them that the avalanche was a natural occurrence that no one could control.

The interviewer kept asking what is the impact of the increase in the number of climbers in the Himalayas on accidents like the one on Manaslu. He seemed to be leading us to say more people mean more accidents, but neither of us said that.

After our interviews, Ciel talked with the cameraman and said that mountaineers on 8000 metre peaks should know the risks involved - this led them to interview her as well.


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