Monday, July 23, 2012

What we did for summer vacation

We've just spent time helping my brother work on his condo renovating it. It's a great to be able to help out not having to worry about getting away from "real work" and using up vacation leave. It's the least we can do seeing as we haven't returned to our career lives.

I've decided to not apply for any more jobs because we realize that what we really want to do is continue to travel some more. A couple weeks ago I made my last ditch effort to work for a little while in BC while waiting for permanent residency to come through, but my work experience wasn't exactly what they were interested in, so we've decided we are going to go to Nepal for the fall...

After overhauling both of our houses, we figured this renovation would be quick since it's a one bedroom with a living room, kitchen and bath. Of course, getting dirty cleaning and painting and tearing out old stuff and replacing with new wasn't quite as quick as we thought once we got into it.

We put in 19 boxes of laminate flooring into the car plus a miter saw

We painted the cabinets and installed new tile in the kitchen.  
The kitchen still smells of curry from the last tenant.


We changed the bathroom scenery with a new medicine cabinet with a mirror, a nicer wall mirror and new faucet for the sink  We also replaced the outdated aluminum siding on the walls with a tile back splash.

We'll be heading back to Canada soon and get biking, climbing and summer fun on the agenda.  The dachshunds get to hang out on the river with mom and bro.  Payoff for helping with the condo so we're not all selfless.  The dogs can't go to Asia with us either.

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