Friday, June 15, 2012

In 78 days where will you be?

The plan right now is to attend Burning Man which is held annually at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.  This is where we went about a month ago to be in the path of the annular eclipse.

Burning Man recently received confirmation of their special use permit from the BLM 
Black Rock City in 2011.  Photo from Will Roger and article in the San Francisco Bay Guardian 

Who is going to join us?  Give or take a couple thousand on any given day, approximately 58,000 people are planning to participate from all over the world.  It's a population "challenge" for the organization, with lots of growing pains. I read in the San Francisco Bay Guardian article linked above that  one of the founders of Burning Man said he hopes that someday the population of Black Rock City can grow to 100,000.

Considering the planet's human population stands at over SEVEN BILLION, we are a very select group of people who have the opportunity to attend this magnificent art and cultural event. Now we are needing to spend some time thinking and reflecting on how we are going to contribute, because this event is all about participation and involvement in community.  Looking forward "to the burn" as they say...

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