Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oregon Coast mailboxes

We took a Wednesday drive with tourists from Utah, Nevada, Califoria, South Dakota, Alaska, Alabama and British Columbia to the Pacific Ocean today. Or at least that's where a lot of the license plates were from.  We also saw several bike tourists - two single men and a pair of men.  Three headed south and one east.  Looked like a lot of fun on a beautiful day, lots of traffic though.  What we drove today would've taken us probably a week to ride.  And wouldn't we like to go riding again.  A friend of ours has her son in Europe riding with only 19 lbs of gear.  That's what we will be doing next time!  No more bicycle trailer for this gal, or at least not on the next trip.  ha ha.  I wanna go much lighter.

And even though we were driving I was excited to find some cool mailboxes!

We decided to hit the road for the beach because
we're excited about completing the house primping for a new owner and now it's for sale to the right people.

Other excitement this week included a Canadian cyclist, Ryder Hesjedal  winning the tour italia. We'll be watching him closely whatever he decides to do, I guess he really wants to ride in the Olympics but perhaps he'll do the Tour de France this summer.

We also had a really nice couple walks on the beach.  What a delightful day... that was the weather report for the day.  Gotta love it.  Loving our privileged life.

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