Friday, May 18, 2012

Minus two days and counting

(Photo credit: Sancho Panza, CCA 2.0 Generic)
Mark and I have planned to head to the path of totality in the United States - we were thinking of near Reno, but perhaps we don't need to go so far if the weather is going to be clear in southern Oregon/Northern California.  He's in charge of that. (The travel plan, not the weather).

It'll be another 5 years to see a solar eclipse in the US - August 17, 2017.  I think I can wait another 2 days, because I'm all for immediate gratification.  If we travel to North Queensland Australia in the fall, we can see a solar eclipse there much sooner than in North America - November 14, 2012 at Cairns.  Job or no job, eclipse or no eclipse.  What will it be?

Nasa put together a nice educational video

Here is an nice animation of where the the full vs partial eclipse path is.

For those people who can't make it National Geographic looks like they might have a live feed on the internet!

We'll try our best to take pictures - we have the solar protective film for the telescope and binoculars.  It'll be a fun experiment.  After looking at the Nasa video, it sounds like to would be great to find some leafy trees instead of just being in a bunch of sagebrush.  Then when we get back, we get back to work putting the finishing touches on the Raven House!

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