Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Practice perspective

We are in the "in-betweens".  Being back from travelling and spending the winter free skiing, has kinda left me being in limbo and dealing with uncertainty.  This is the result of the choices that we have chosen to be where we are today.  Talk about privilege not having to work for the time we've had off to play and focus on travel, skiing and visiting with family and friends.

No doubt there will continue to be a lot of work ahead to keep the trudge going.  But we get to do so with the ability to focus.  There are many opportunities to cultivate more awareness on what Mark and I really want in life.  For example, when we found out that we're going to have to get another car because we can't license the one we have in British Columbia, we learned to refocus our perspective.  Yes, we would like to live lives that require less consumption of CO2 and are now welcoming we can find a car that's much more fuel efficient.  But it took some patience to get to that.

I'm certain that the time we are spending now in the "in-betweens" will become a gift for our future lives.  We are working hard to spend the time rightly.
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