Monday, April 16, 2012

A Korean Accent

I went to Vernon and talked to a guy from Denmark for a while, so now I have a Korean accent.
It's made by Hyundai.
edit: Ciel wants everyone to know that she still speaks 'merrican. She even talked to the Danish car salesman longer than I did. Why a Danish guy is in Canada selling Japanese and Korean cars to a Kiwi-Canadian and an American, I don't know. It does sound very international though.
And I guess I should explain that the 4runner is still going strong, but would cost too much to fix up to pass the BC out-of-province inspection (silly rules...there are plenty of trucks registered in B.C. with more rust than mine, it's just that they've been here all along). Anyone want to buy a great used 4runner? It's only got a bit more than 1.1 light-seconds on the odometer.
And the new car will get much better gas mileage. (Ok, it's not really new, but pretty close...a 2010 model with 34Mm on it - that's 34,000km for those unfamiliar with SI unit prefixes. Luckily it cost much less than a brand new one would have.) Considering that I've probably spent over 3 times as much on gas for the 4runner as I spent on the purchase of the vehicle, this should be a cheaper vehicle in the long run. (and Ciel says much better for the planet with less CO2 emissions!)

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