Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday NW Quanch

Now THIS is what a lift line should look like on a Sunday!
The skiing was classic NW powder - thick, thick and thick.  The skiing was fun and very few people were skiing the quanch, except for the locals. And they all went into the backcountry I guess.  I skied by myself, except for three runs with Scott through Snake Dance.  I met up with Mark and we headed over to Ski Acres (Summit Central) to visit my "ski niece" Karina and her mom Charlotte.  Mark needed to make a few more turns practicing his sine curves and upper lower body separation. He came back whole.
Karina won the race against me - notice the  face
But Karina didn't win the race against the hot chocolate before it spilled - bummer
And now it's a freezing level of 1,000' and it's supposed to dump 1-2 feet - snowing in North Bend right now.  Too bad Karina has to go to pre-kindergarten.  

I'm really glad I am a ski bum and don't have to go to pre-kindergarten.  

Karina is jealous.

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