Monday, January 2, 2012

Aspiring, French Ridge, and Liverpool huts

For the last three nights we've been up in Mt. Aspiring national park. We stayed in the Aspiring hut on New Year's eve with about 40 other people. Not too many partiers in the bunch, most people went to sleep early, but most also got up at 6 in the morning and made no attempt to be quiet packing up to head out up the trail. We set off for French Ridge hut and made good time to the hut - we were there by noon. Lots of pretty mountains and glaciers to look at from the hut. Then we headed down to cross the river and back up the other side to Liverpool hut. This one is much smaller and cozier; the ten people in it for the night was a full house.  The bonus was great company and funny storytelling that made Ciel laugh so hard that she was crying.  The gods work fine after climbing that last big hill because she also received a private consult from a physiotherapist who was tramping with her husband and girlfriends. This morning we trudged back down and out to the car. Now we're at the campground in Albert town, just outside Wanaka. It's much different here- cars and motorhomes and trees rather than high mountains and glaciers.

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