Thursday, December 15, 2011

West Coast Retrospective

After a heavy rainfall warning the day before, we had a beautiful day yesterday to take a closer look at the Fox Glacier. It was pretty cool to walk up to this point, where the glacier had been straight down below in the 1930s - it has retreated quite a bit. 14,000 years ago the glaciers went all the way to the ocean. We met a nice couple at the lookout and one of them happened to be in Orthopedic nursing and she suggested we go to the doctor soon and get another xray, just to make sure the clavicle is repairing itself the way it should. Despite what the MD suggested at the emergency room two weeks ago. Anyway - they are on a world trip for a year and I thought it wasn't a coincidence to meet them and be told what I already knew. Denial isn't a river in egypt.We did however before the heavy rainfall warning get to spend a luscious day on the beach watching the banded godwits and their chicks - the locals had outlined with survey tape their nests - so I don't think they got too much privacy, but at least people knew where the nests were so I didn't step on them!This place is for sale for a million and half - it's got property and a cute business that has a huge sandfly on it - And the day before that we were back in the rain next to a glaciated river...
Like the man said, if you don't want rain then go visit the Sahara!

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