Sunday, December 4, 2011

My rebuttal - how to help (not me) but someone in NZ

Where we were going to Lake Sumner- the land of no cars and few tourists! Never expected to fall off my bike, I thought for sure if I were to get hurt here cycle touring it would be due to a passing car, truck, motorhome or car passing in the opposite direction. I'm SO grateful that I didn't involve a car cause I'm sure that would have been much more difficult outcome. Ironic that Mark had to wait 45 minutes until someone came along... it's just how this place is - beautiful and remote - just the way we like it.
As it is, we are being hosted by lovely family friends of Mark's parents outside of Christchurch and I get to look at a beautiful rose garden out the bedroom window. I don't think we are much of a nuisance cause I spend most time in bed sleeping! I am not in tremendous pain and I'll be back to good as new as soon as the clavicle starts to stitch itself back up again.

I can't believe Mark didn't post my cute bum now that I'm able to see what he reported to all of you, that's the best part of my body! Now it's only going to get big again from not being able to ride - I'm sure I'll want to still eat like a cyclist - I'm good at downing a half packet of spaggetti and eating more than my fair share of pineapple lumps. So instead of looking at gross bruises of the body, I'll give you a more interesting subject - pictures of creative mailboxes we've admired from the slow road - south island mailboxes

Three days post accident, I'm feeling much better. Poor Mark had to deal with the immediate emergency, my body didn't give me the option at the time to acknowledge what was happening. I don't remember crying, asking him to take my sunglasses off to check my pupils or how he got a sleeping pad underneath me, he told me later I was asking the same question over and over again "I just don't understand what happened, I don't understand where we are..." Mark is my hero for keeping me safe and getting everything organized to evacuate me back to town.

Now laying in this bed, I think it was just a moment of inattention, lack of defensive driving, and maybe some cockiness (and tiredness) on my part that allowed me to veer into some loose gravel for those desperate few moments trying to keep it upright. Gravity prevailed. I'm not as invincible as I thought I was.

If you're really be interested in helping someone out in NZ, the residents of Christchurch and surrounding areas continue to need outside help after the earthquakes of last year. Check out this link for info and to donate Christchurch Earthquake Appeal We'll be making a donation because the ambulance service, ER visit, staff help and x-ray are paid for by the ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) under NZ law. So don't worry about me, if you are going to have an accident do it in NZ! (I joke) I hope we'll be able to get our travel insurance to pay them as well.

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