Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas NZ style

Today for xmas eve we are staying in the heart of the gold country - the Otago. Beautiful old towns that are up and coming with “flash” houses and a prime holiday get-away for the locals. It's nice and hot here during the day, cool in the evenings and big open blue skies with little rain. They call it the “desert” of New Zealand I've seen on some signs. We are moving onward to Mt Cook for xmas eve and xmas day - hopefully a little more “out of the way”. Here this holiday park we are staying at will fill up to capacity on Boxing Day for the remainder of the week. We're hoping that we might be able to find a quiet campground closer to the mtns. Wish us luck!

In this album are some of the reminders for us North Americans that the holiday season is upon us. Here is the link to the photos

With it being close to 30C, it's hard to imagine with orchards selling all their produce. Wanaka has an interesting way of displaying Santa Claus - seemed like some of them would be pretty scary to the kids with Santa drinking beer and hanging by a noose off of some of the buildings. The best thing is to see kiwi camping spots all decorated up with the xmas tree and tinsel hanging with the campers hanging out in shorts and t-shirts wearing santa claus hats or reindeer horns. Pretty cute celebration.

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